martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

They are the protagonists in every moment, when I'm bad, when I'm hysteric, when I cry, when I dream and of course when I remember every moment and which I did in the past for them.

a few fun and sweet photos from them...

I know that the twins have most importance in the band, but it isn't true 'cause without Gustav and Georg, Tokio Hotel never existed...

I love you SO MUCH!

I don't like so much this tatto but, if Gustav like it, I accept, of course, no matter what he wears, he'll be ever the best drummer, for me, in the world.

OOOOOOH! He's so sweet, I adore all of he, even though the people gossip so bad about he, his style and how he see the life.

I can't say anything bad because I ADORE THIS PHOTO, they're so sweets and gorgeous.

Bill's extravagant boots

Bill's clothes and his reflection at the mirror.

He is cool, right? hahaha

These days are very monotonous... but tomorrow I'll see one of my best friends in Barcelona and
we'll take so many fantastic photos with her amazing Reflex camara, nothing else, 
I hope this entry you like you and... see you tomorrow with more news about me (:(: