domingo, 3 de junio de 2012


My BEAUTIFUL wallpaper with a LOVELY girl... MY CUCHIPURRURI, she knows that and I hope she'll stay for the rest of our lifes in mine, I love her so much and I can't imagine something without her
A normally day I'm sitting in my dark room alone, completely alone. Suddenly someone knocked the door but I don't hear it 'cause I'm completely in my thoughts, unconsciously... 
-Rachel, what's up honey?
-Nothing, don't worry Tom... -I lied.
-Don't lie me please, I know you and I know you're sad for something that you don't want to tell me nothing.
-And... if you know how I'm... why you don't leave me alone?
-You needn't be as edge...!
-Tom, forgive me...!
-No, you said why don't I leave you alone, so... I do. 
-Forgive me, I don't like to be as edge... 
-Rachel, I love you but... I don't like to be heavy for you so... I leave you alone and when you want... tell me something. 
-No Rachel, I want you to know that you don't destroy yourself by nothing and by nobody, you're beautiful, I love you and if I lose you... I don't know what can I do with myself 'cause... I love you so much, you can be atheist, insecure, edge sometimes, maybe selfish but I love you with your strengths and weaknesses, I don't want change you 'cause you are perfect to me, I want you know that you MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and all will be alright, if you're good, I'm too. Only this honey. You know I stay here forever, by your side, althought darkness confuse you, althought people criticize you, althought your family disparages you, althought... whatever. I will be there when you need me, 'cause without you I couldn't live, I know this is something that I don't tell you everyday or not always but... you know how I am and I hate myself 'cause I'm not brave enough to tell you how important and necessary you are to me... I must tell you ALWAYS that I love you, that I take care for you, you aren't alone if I'm here, honey... I love you. Remember that.