lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

6 years (:

And now it's time to say: CONGRATULATIONS to these guys that mean so much to me. Right, they're TOKIO HOTEL, 4 guys that, since I know them, my life have changed so much, I've made new friends, I experienced differents feelings, my musical tastes have changed too...many things that I can't say 

'cause all around me and my life have changed since this ordinary fall/winter of 2007, when I knew their existence... and today, 15th August 2011, six years ago, these common teenagers brought this incredible song to the world, and now... they have so much success all over the world and I'm very very proud for them, 'cause one of the best things that they have done is go to Tokyo, capital of Japan, a city that they have dreamt always... since this age, when they were completely unknown for the world, and now there aren't any site of this, the world, that don't know who are they. It has some advantages but disadvantages too... but, it's what there is (:

Finally, again I say CONGRATULATIONS and I hope you keep going on in this way, and continue making music for much longer of time!

And now it's time to see some photos of "making off" of this video (:

And now the video of this "making off" *_*

With these beautiful smiles, I  finish this entry and see ya!