domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

The reason why I've ALWAYS liked Tom...

I identify myself so much with this video... The same way as this girl, Rena from Greece with this channel in youtube, I've always liked Tom in Tokio Hotel... the people say if you say that you like more some member of the band, if you feel this preference, is 'cause you don't love the band, you love only Tom but this isn't true because I love so much the songs of my guys... but always, I think, have this special person that makes you happy in every moment... and this is the reason why I've always liked Tom, and for many many reasons, but I don't like being weighed, so I'll finish now. That's just what I think and this is my reflection (:

I know that some days ago, when I met with my friend Estefania in Barcelona’s center, 
I said that tomorrow (August 11) I would upload another entry talking fo me, and my last day I lived with her, 
but…she still not passed me the photos we did this day, ‘cause she has had some problems with uploading 
these photos… so, I promise that soon I’ll uploading these photos, when she pass me them, 
of course, and I edit (: I hope I can do all before I go to Zaragoza next Thursday.


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